A Boy’s Smile

Two different homes, his parents apart
School holiday splits, on both calendars markedDisplays of framed photos, in each house they stand
Show a boy smiling, they misunderstand
He’s prompted to grin, in each moment they fake
To prove to themselves, the divorce no mistake

A few years later, settled in double life
Manipulating through guilt, he’s become more and more wise
But dad lets me do it, so he gets his own way
Mum buys him new games, he’s so lucky they say
He’s mastered his smile, and learnt to put on
A custody battle, from which he has won

More years have passed by, he is now a young man
Unsure of his feelings, his existence a scam
Mistrusting of people, his cynicism reeks
Yet he carries his smile, so you think him not weak
Gives girls his words freely, though never his heart
To understand him completely, they must go to the start

© Rabia Bashir 12th December 2013 All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “A Boy’s Smile”

  1. Very deep! The only thing I see is “let’s”-It should be “lets”. But I like the story and I like the meter and rhyme as well. The imagery is beautiful, too. It really puts you where he is.

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